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Report Summary

Tills Shrinkage Hygiene Procedures

Tills Department

Violation 1 Tills

Clip1 : Time 12:14 : Sale was R170.72, customer gave cashier R170.00 in notes. The cashier took the R20.00 note and kept it to one side. TRANSACTION DISCOUNT (BRAND MATCH COUPON) total discount value was R22.00. Cashier took the R150.00 in notes and placed it in the cash draw. The customer did not get the discount amount but rather the cashier gave it to the packer to get change. She came back and the cashier and packer took R10.00 each

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Shrinkage Department

Violation 2 Shrinkage

Clip 1 : Staff members took a pack of biscuits meant for customers and ate them while on duty
Clip 2 : Bakery staff member took a banana loaf and cut it up, bakery member consumed the loaf

Clip 1 : Deli staff member dishes food, weighs the goods, prints the label then adds more to the container and hands to a store cleaning staff member

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Hygiene Department

Violation 3 Hygiene

Clip 1 : Staff member tastes food and discards the piece that she ate from back into the bowl
Clip 2 : Cleaning staff member took meat from the deli prep area

Clip 1 : Store cleaning staff member attended to a customer, store staff member allowed the cleaning staff member to handle meat and attend to the customer
Clip 2 : Deli staff member drops meat onto the floor, she kicked it aside. Then when she did not have enough for the last roll she picked it up and used it on the rolls

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Procedures Department

Violation 4 Procedures

Clip 1 : Cashier leaves her float bag on the counter with money in it while serving customers, then she leaves the bag unattended with a customer present
Clip 2 : Store security guards charging his cellphone in store and viewing his phone while on duty in full view of customers

Clip 1 : Staff members using their cellphone while on duty on the shop floor
Clip 2 : Staff member removing money from her cash draw before cashing up

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